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DSC_5695A former skeptic and private investigator, Bob Olson has been an Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher since 1999.

In 1997, Bob Olson’s father died of lung cancer at the age of 64. Bob was just 35. The event ignited spiritual questions for Bob that he’d never before considered. Is there life after death? If so, what evidence exists to prove it? And, if one could prove the existence of an afterlife, was it also possible to know if our deceased loved ones exist in this afterlife, if they are okay, and if they are watching over us? Bob decided to use his skills as a private investigator to obtain answers, and this was the catalyst for Bob’s investigation into the afterlife.

Bob graduated from college in 1985 with a degree in Criminology, where he learned skills such as Crime Scene Investigation, Police Procedure, Surveillance Techniques, Ethics, and Behavioral Sciences. Bob also apprenticed with a private investigation agency where he honed his skills at generating and evaluating evidence, analyzing and interpreting data, presenting findings for legal proceedings, and making ethical judgments.

Bob has always preferred evidence over conjecture, not just in his work but also in his spiritual beliefs. Without evidence, he remained cynically skeptical. And this is how he began his investigation into the afterlife—skeptical, though open minded enough to be willing to investigate it.

In his search for evidence of life after death, Bob has tested hundreds of psychics and mediums, investigated spirit artistry, animal communication, past-life regression, spirit writing, remote viewing, meditation, and channeling, plus he interviewed numerous people who have experienced deathbed visions, near-death experiences, shared-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, dream visitations, past-life recall, and other afterlife phenomena.

Bob’s research of the afterlife led him to create in 2002, in 2007, and in 2011. Afterlife TV is the most recent of Bob’s resources to guide and educate the public about life after death using an online video format. He also offers a course for psychics and mediums, which is available at