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Unlock the mysteries of life after death and explore the enlightening discoveries of a private investigator’s 15-year investigation. This book is a comprehensive resource answering 150 of the most crucial questions about what happens when we die.

Now you can delve into the life-changing insights we learn from near-death experiences, after-death communications, spirit contact through mediums, past lives, past-life memories, past-life and life-between-lives regressions, out-of-body experiences, soul pre-birth planning, deathbed visions, dream visitations, shared-death experiences, and so much more. 

Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, curious about what happens when we die, or pondering your own mortality, this book will leave you feeling less fear about death, inspired to live a more loving and purposeful life, and comforted by new thoughts about your loved ones in the afterlife.

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My friend, Bob Olson, has written a wonderful and well-researched guide to the Afterlife. He carefully answers many of the questions and concerns we all have about the other side. The chapter on past lives resonates very much with my own studies of reincarnation and the benefits of past life regressions. I highly recommend Answers About the Afterlife.Brian L. Weiss, MD, author of Many Lives, Many Masters

Congratulations Bob Olson. Your book: ANSWERS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE is perhaps one of the most in-depth and comprehensive guides I have ever read on the subject of life after death. I would call it the encyclopedia of the afterlife. This should be required reading for every soul who has ever pondered their heavenly heritage.James Van Praagh, Spiritual Medium & author of Growing Up in Heaven

There is a universal question every human being longs to know the answer to during the course of their lives: What happens when we die? With the keen and thorough eye of an investigative reporter, Bob Olson takes on this question with a loving heart and full-on determination. Sifting through more than fifteen years of intense and exhaustive research, he’s created a spiritual encyclopedia of sorts that provides the reader with answers. This is a brave and compassionate book that will bring comfort and insight to many during the most important times of our lives.Cheryl Richardson, author of The Art of Extreme Self Care

What happens when we die? This is one of humankind’s most important and enduring questions. Answers about the Afterlife brings a fresh and exciting perspective to this ancient question. Bob Olson presents an impressive compilation of many lines of evidence that converge on the conclusion that the afterlife is, in a word, real. Innumerable common questions about the afterlife are addressed. This book is well written and enthusiastically recommended.Jeffrey Long, MD, author of the New York Times bestselling
Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences
Bob Olson has taken his education, experience and passion for being an investigator and applied them to the study of the afterlife, death and dying and the world of spirit, sharing what these topics can teach us about life.  This book is a wonderful map for those seeking their own discoveries as they explore the infinite possibilities.Anita Moorjani, New York Times Best Selling Author of Dying To Be Me

What a useful book. This is a clearly laid out resource, carefully researched and well thought out. Each topic is considered and approached in a logical and balanced way, and explained in sufficient detail to answer the questions fully. If you want one book to help you understand everything that has been found out about the afterlife, this could be it. Jenny Cockell, author of Across Time and Death: A Mother's Search for Her Past Life Children

Bob Olson has written the definitive guide to the hereafter. Answers About the Afterlife is a wise and deeply generous book that will be of great support to readers for many years to come. A fascinating read that answers every question one could ever imagine having about the afterlife, and then some. I recommend it highly.Paul Selig, author of The Book of Knowing and Worth: A Channeled Text

Bob Olson’s new book, Answers About The Afterlife, is an excellent read. Like his interviews on, Bob’s book is genuine and engaging. He presents his ideas and conclusions with an organic logic, making potentially challenging concepts simple to digest. Answers About The Afterlife stretches beyond belief systems respectfully, eliminating competition and resistance, setting the reader’s own curiosity free. Bob’s work is a true inspiration to keep asking the questions that matter.Natalie Sudman, author of Application of Impossible Things: A Near Death Experience in Iraq

This book is a beautiful gift to the world. Readily accessible, practical, and teeming with helpful information and wisdom, it addresses the questions we all have about our lives and the universe. And Bob Olson is so easy to relate to, as he writes with such openness, insight, and lack of pretense. As I read I felt as though I were in deep, heart-opening, mind-expanding conversation with a close friend, and I wanted the conversation to go on and on.Robert Schwartz, between lives regression hypnotist,
author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

What happens when we die? And why is this question so prone to debate? Considering the nature of this subject, and how varied beliefs are about it, it’s hard to imagine anyone addressing it more sincerely – and, inclusively – than Bob Olson does in this book. In a warm, considerate, and remarkably cogent manner, Bob shares his findings, based on over fifteen years of research using techniques gleaned in his work as a private investigator. If you can read this book with an open mind, it will go a long way to quell any fears you have about death, or any doubts you have about the existence of an afterlife. Whether you’re grieving a loss, seeking answers to bigger questions, or supporting a loved one in their final stages of life, this book, unlike any other, will provide hope and peace of mind.Michael Gerrish, Author, Intuitive
This is a wonderful book that will change the lives of enquirers in this area, who may well be bereaved and lost and lonely, they can rely upon Bob’s vast exploration and understanding to guide them on their journey.

Bob is a colossus in his field and is respected worldwide and this book demonstrates why. I recommend it wholeheartedly to you, as Bob will heal both worlds with this genuine and detailed investigation.Mavis Pittilla, Spiritual Medium

The subtitle for Bob Olson’s new book should be “Afterlife 101.” His explanations are logical and informative, and he offers a genuine knowledge and understanding of the spirit world. “Answers About the Afterlife”, is just that, a book that will assure readers, not only of the safety and well being of their loved ones who have passed, but also of the great news and comfort about their own afterlife survival.Dave Kane, author of 41 Signs of Hope

In Answers About the Afterlife Bob Olson courageously tackles the biggest issue of all, stating that physical death is not the end for any of us—sharing his interpretation of what we might expect to experience in the next realm. And in stating this information Bob relies not on the beliefs of his youth, nor the nihilistic perspective of the debunker-skeptic, but rather information culled from countless interviews with researchers, mediums, and near-death-experiencers. Bob’s valuable contribution adds to the growing body of evidence that we are eternal beings taking part in physical life for a brief stint to gain experience. Mark Ireland, Author of Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go and Messages from the Afterlife